Now let’s do the details … 1

A little update on the “Of Shadows And Mirrors” album: Vocal editing is done, now I’ll do the mixdown and probably change a few songs completely since I don’t like them anymore. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know yet. Most songs won’t feature distorted vocals so don’t be surprised when you can finally hear them.   I expect to be through with this somewhen this year. Yep, that’s how accurately I plan this album. I think the two people who are really interested in the new stuff will be able to […]

A few demos from the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors”

I wasn’t exactly idle within the last months. And although I’m not the fastest when it comes down to writing music or finishing songs (or even albums, ha!), I managed to lift a few songs of the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors” to the status of “almost reasonable”. I think they are a bit different from what you might expect after the last few releases but then again, I think they do sound like Mortal Void. But what do I know? I have the possibility to follow each and every […]

The Remaining Fallacies

The Remaining Fallacies

Happy New Year everyone! As you might have noticed, the “The Remaining Fallacies”EP has finally been released via Bandcamp on 20th December 2013. It contains 6 songs that have been created between 2007 and 2009, alongside the songs that have been released on “The Great Pretending”. Some of them were too similar and with others, I was just not satisfied until I did some minor changes in 2013. So I finally wrote lyrics for the tracks that still needed them and recorded vocals. Due to this fact, this EP should […]


New old stuff, new remixes, new stuff!

I’m planning an EP entitled “The Remaining Fallacies” for November, which will be released digitally only (BandCamp & the usual mp3 shops). There will be 6 new songs and around 5 remixes. Actually, the songs aren’t new. I’ve created the songs between 2007 and 2009, but never really finished them. Some of the lyrics are old and some are new, the vocals have been recorded in 2013. So, this should probably seen as a part of a whole, along with “The Great Pretending” and “The Great Deception”, instead of something […]

Facebook, what are you doing? Facebook. STAHP! >=|

I read this post by ATB on Facebook today. Now Facebook makes it even harder for bands to stay in touch with you and keep you up-to-date. So you’ll probably miss a lot of things that are being posted on there. Might be a good idea to come here every now and then or to at least check the band page on FB more frequently. But it would take a lot of time for you to check all the pages you like…so I think no one will really do that. […]

The Great Deception

And here – we – go.

I’m happy I could convince all of these great artists, mostly without the threat of physical violence, to be a part of this. This is not merely a list of remixes but a collection of re-interpretations by my favorite artists and some close friends. A big thank you goes to: Access To Arasaka, Acretongue, adoptedCHILD, blutzukker, Dead When I Found Her, diffuzion, Fractured, Homicide Division, The .invalid, Löwenstern, Needlewire, Pseudokrupp Project, reADJUST, R010R and Walter Trachfeld! Thank you guys for making “The Great Deception” possible! :) The digital album is […]