And here – we – go.

The Great Deception

I’m happy I could convince all of these great artists, mostly without the threat of physical violence, to be a part of this. This is not merely a list of remixes but a collection of re-interpretations by my favorite artists and some close friends. A big thank you goes to: Access To Arasaka, Acretongue, adoptedCHILD, blutzukker, Dead When I Found Her, diffuzion, Fractured, Homicide Division, The .invalid, Löwenstern, Needlewire, Pseudokrupp Project, reADJUST, R010R and Walter Trachfeld!
Thank you guys for making “The Great Deception” possible! :)

The digital album is available for 0,00 $/€/elephant babies or whatever amount you want to give (there’s no minimum, so no payment required).

Here you go:

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