The Remaining Fallacies

The Remaining Fallacies

Happy New Year everyone!

As you might have noticed, the “The Remaining Fallacies”EP has finally been released via Bandcamp on 20th December 2013. It contains 6 songs that have been created between 2007 and 2009, alongside the songs that have been released on “The Great Pretending”. Some of them were too similar and with others, I was just not satisfied until I did some minor changes in 2013. So I finally wrote lyrics for the tracks that still needed them and recorded vocals. Due to this fact, this EP should be regarded as a part of a trilogy including “The Great Pretending”, “The Great Deception” and this very release, “The Remaining Fallacies”.

That’s it. So, please don’t expect those tracks to sound much different from what you’ve heard on the latest album.
Actual new tracks are in the making… :-)

Also, I still have Plague Of Madness tracks up my sleeve which will be finished this year, one way or the other. Plus some 2007 tracks that were intended to be released under the [polyphobic.] moniker but, guess what, never have been finished. So who knows? If a Plague Of Madness album does not happen at all – and quite frankly, that’s what it looks like right now – those tracks will probably be pooled and released as one pretty diverse album. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. :-)

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