A few demos from the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors”

I wasn’t exactly idle within the last months. And although I’m not the fastest when it comes down to writing music or finishing songs (or even albums, ha!), I managed to lift a few songs of the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors” to the status of “almost reasonable”. I think they are a bit different from what you might expect after the last few releases but then again, I think they do sound like Mortal Void. But what do I know? I have the possibility to follow each and every step I do and all I can do for you is to offer you a snapshot every now and then, hoping not to scare you away. So please tell me: Are you scared?

I’ll of course record vocals for all of them. As always, lyrics have been written a long time ago.

  • Graveyard Heart

  • And Then My Shadow Walked Away From Me

  • Destroying Illusions

  • Empty Words

  • Never Been The One

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