Now let’s do the details … 1

A little update on the “Of Shadows And Mirrors”¬†album: Vocal editing is done, now I’ll do the mixdown and probably change a few songs completely since I don’t like them anymore. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know yet.

Most songs won’t feature distorted vocals so don’t be surprised when you can finally hear them.


I expect to be through with this somewhen this year. Yep, that’s how accurately I plan this album. I think the two people who are really interested in the new stuff will be able to deal with it. :P


Did I already post the tracklist?

Well, here it is:


01. 1000 Fehlversuche
02. Destroying Illusions
03. Fighting The Symptoms
04. Empty Words
05. Alternate Ending
06. Das zweite Gesicht
07. Silent Remorse
08. Funken der Erinnerung
09. Wir begraben die Vergangenheit
10. Graveyard Heart
11. Never Been The One
12. Von Legenden
13. And Then My Shadow Walked Away From Me


Thirteen songs, 71 minutes. As I promised, a few of them will be in German. Five of them, actually.



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