“The Great Pretending” EXTD EDN out now!

I have recently changed my digital distributor (CD Baby is pretty cool by the way) and had the old distrubutor delete all previously released items.

That means most of my older stuff is only available on Bandcamp right now.
Except for “The Great Pretending” which, as the second-latest album, has now been re-released as an Extended Edition and is available in all the MP3 shops you already know.

What’s so special about this? This time, I included all the remixes from “The Great Deception” and the album now spans a total of 29 songs(!). Unfortunately, most of the shops took this as a reason to set a rather high price to the package. You are still free to purchase the regular edition over at Bandcamp and download The Great Deception for free.

However, for those still interested, this is the full tracklist to the extended edition:

Part 1:

01. Blind, Dead & Empty
02. Thanks
03. The Great Pretending
04. Watching Today Die
05. Constantly Denying
06. Never Care
07. Inflict
08. Wasted Emotion
09. The Path I Wander
10. Decline
11. Under The Surface
12. The Last Lie
13. Thanks [TrümmerWelten Remix]
14. Under The Surface [onecyze project Remix]

Part 2:
01. Blind, Dead & Empty [Diffuzion Remix]
02. Thanks [The .invalid Remix]
03. The Great Pretending [Fractured Remix]
04. Watching Today Die [Homicide Division Remix]
05. Constantly Denying [Dubstation Mix by R010R]
06. Never Care [Löwenstern Remix]
07. Inflict [Acretongue Remix]
08. Wasted Emotion [Needlewire Remix]
09. The Path I Wander [reADJUST Remix]
10. Decline [Dead When I Found Her Remix]
11. Under The Surface [Walter Trachfeld Remix]
12. The Last Lie [Access To Arasaka Remix]
13. Watching Today Die [blutzukker Remix]
14. The Last Lie [adoptedCHILD Remix]
15. Decline [Pseudokrupp Project Remix]

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