Mortal Void is an electronic music project, dwelling somewhere between Electro-Industrial, EBM and Dark Electro.

After beginning to fiddle around with sample based software at the age of 14, the urge to create something genuinely own grew bigger and bigger. It quickly became clear where the journey would lead when the interest in dark electronic music has been awoken. Back in 2001, it were acts like Suicide Commando, Wumpscut, Hocico and Aslan Faction who gave enough inspiration to try forming an own sound. Only a few individual demos have been released via various free mp3 platforms for quite some time. It took a few years before the project Mortal Void took shape, before there was something like a concept for the sound or even the idea for an album. It was not until 2004 that the first full release has been finished and after that it was stroke upon stroke. Various releases have been unleashed in 2004 and 2005. A lot of remixes have been made and the interest in Mortal Void began to grow.

However, life didn’t stand still either, so there was less and less time for music. After a few live gigs with Mortal Void and as a live member of Pseudokrupp Project, there was some kind of a slowdown in actively writing music. A lot of music has been written in 2007 and 2008 and merely half of it has been released until 2013, including three albums (one of them under the Krankheitssymptom moniker), one EP as well as a remix album with contributions lots of awesome bands such as Fractured, Acretongue, Dead When I Found Her, Access To Arasaka, The .invalid, Diffuzion, Pseudokrupp Project, reADJUST and others. While having quite a few songs hidden on some hard drive, the temptation to begin something from scratch was a lot bigger than finishing those old tracks. So right now, in 2015, the work on the new album is at about 25% of what you might call “operation at full stretch”. Be mildly excited for what will come with the release of “Of Shadows and Mirrors”. The new musical influences I’ve got over the last years will probably have an impact …