Of Shadows And Mirrors

“Of Shadows And Mirrors” is here!

It has taken me a long long time but the new Mortal Void album “Of Shadows And Mirrors” is finally available. Please find it in your favorite MP3 shop or, if you want to support me in the best possible way, buy it on Bandcamp! You might also want to try it here: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify or at any other spot you favor in terms of checking out new music. 13 Songs. No remixes this time. Check it out: Of Shadows and Mirrors by Mortal Void

“Of Shadows and Mirrors” available for pre-order!

Dear all, you can now pre-order the new album “Of Shadows and Mirrors” – to be released on 29th September 2017 – on Bandcamp and download two of the songs right away! If those songs are not enough for first impressions, there is more: a 90sec preview of each and every song is available over at SoundCloud. Still not convinced? You may wait until the album has actually been released, but then I expect you to buy it. ;) Thank you for your support! Best, TH    

Now let’s do the details … 1

A little update on the “Of Shadows And Mirrors” album: Vocal editing is done, now I’ll do the mixdown and probably change a few songs completely since I don’t like them anymore. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know yet. Most songs won’t feature distorted vocals so don’t be surprised when you can finally hear them.   I expect to be through with this somewhen this year. Yep, that’s how accurately I plan this album. I think the two people who are really interested in the new stuff will be able to […]

A few demos from the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors”

I wasn’t exactly idle within the last months. And although I’m not the fastest when it comes down to writing music or finishing songs (or even albums, ha!), I managed to lift a few songs of the upcoming “Of Shadows and Mirrors” to the status of “almost reasonable”. I think they are a bit different from what you might expect after the last few releases but then again, I think they do sound like Mortal Void. But what do I know? I have the possibility to follow each and every […]