“The Great Pretending” EXTD EDN out now!

I have recently changed my digital distributor (CD Baby is pretty cool by the way) and had the old distrubutor delete all previously released items. That means most of my older stuff is only available on Bandcamp right now. Except for “The Great Pretending” which, as the second-latest album, has now been re-released as an Extended Edition and is available in all the MP3 shops you already know. What’s so special about this? This time, I included all the remixes from “The Great Deception” and the album now spans a […]

New old stuff, new remixes, new stuff!

I’m planning an EP entitled “The Remaining Fallacies” for November, which will be released digitally only (BandCamp & the usual mp3 shops). There will be 6 new songs and around 5 remixes. Actually, the songs aren’t new. I’ve created the songs between 2007 and 2009, but never really finished them. Some of the lyrics are old and some are new, the vocals have been recorded in 2013. So, this should probably seen as a part of a whole, along with “The Great Pretending” and “The Great Deception”, instead of something […]

The Great Deception

And here – we – go.

I’m happy I could convince all of these great artists, mostly without the threat of physical violence, to be a part of this. This is not merely a list of remixes but a collection of re-interpretations by my favorite artists and some close friends. A big thank you goes to: Access To Arasaka, Acretongue, adoptedCHILD, blutzukker, Dead When I Found Her, diffuzion, Fractured, Homicide Division, The .invalid, Löwenstern, Needlewire, Pseudokrupp Project, reADJUST, R010R and Walter Trachfeld! Thank you guys for making “The Great Deception” possible! :) The digital album is […]